“Earthbound” Album – original songs by Robert Gray


A bombastic beginning with the title track “Earthbound” followed by “Just Fly” and “Take the Fall” melts into the gooey goodness of Everything Glows, then rebounds with the slow & heavy Kiss Me Girl. Guitars syncopate and add layers to solid song construction & heartfelt lyrics.

Then the listener is treated to some complicated and interesting instrumentals, showing off Robert’s mastery of not only guitar, but keyboard, bass & drums.

The tour d’force finalizes with the liquid Lonely Tonight, solid rock Turn It On and a nice, heavy guitar driven holiday song, memorializing the Thomas Fire of 2018 in SoCal, Rob’s lifelong home.


I wanted to test the level of intensity I could achieve with my style of rock. Earthbound hits it on the head. I’m playing an eight string guitar on several tracks. 14 tracks ranging from heavy vocal/instrumental of Earthbound to the haunting Lonely Tonight. There’s a whole salad bar of different styles for whatever you have a taste for at the moment.


Just Fly | Take the Fall | Everything Glows | Kiss Me Girl | You Mean the World to Me | Deep Pocket | Luvadubdub | Motion Go | Earthbound | Independence | Lonely Tonight | Turn It On | You’ve Got a Way | Xmas is Here Again


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